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IDX Broker Adds 21 New MLS Data Feeds to Expanding Coverage

IDX Broker is the best IDX for your Real Estate website and the one service that we recommend and use for all Realtor WordPress websites! Click here to join IDX Broker and have your fees waived. Check out the announcement below for the coverage they just added!   Expanding IDX/MLS Data Coverage We’re always expanding our MLS coverage to include … [Read More...]

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Deal Alert: WiseStamp for $25 for life

Having a great email signature can be one simple change to dramatically improve your emails and Real Estate branding. Go Straight to the … [Read More...]

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Deal Alert: Microsoft Is Giving Away 100GB Of OneDrive For 2 Years

Microsoft wants you to use OneDrive instead of some other cloud storage solution. (like DropBox, which we love) It also wants you to take part in the … [Read More...]

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Editing Video in Chrome – 3 different ways

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Crafting a quality Google+ post

A few best practices to take advantage of Google+! Best Practices for crafting a Google+ Post. There is no character limit: write longer posts to spark … [Read More...]

Find it, see it, get it first – New Realtor.com Commercials

Find it, see it, get it first – Tell a story

Have you seen these commercials from Realtor.com? They are fantastic, fun and they do a great job of telling a quick story. Check them out below. One thing to keep in mind as … [Read More...]


Branded Email with Google Apps

Branded Email: Having a professional email is key to looking... well...  professional. We have all come across weird personal emails that are now being used by Realtors (like … [Read More...]