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IDX Broker Quick Tips

IDX Broker Quick Tips for getting started with your WordPress Real Estate site! Interest in IDX Broker? We can waive the setup fee and get you all setup here. If you have additional questions please contact us. Mastering Widgets to Enhance Niche Sites In this video we go over creating widgets to display on niche sites. Join sales expert Jeff as he showcases IDX … [Read More...]

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How to Create Landing Pages for Golf Course Communities

In this video IDX Broker goes over setting up golf course landing pages. https://youtu.be/pToor1wmPWs Learn how to create niche community … [Read More...]

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New video: IDX Brokers newest features update

We are thrilled that IDX Broker now does a video update of the latest and greatest features that they are working on. Watch … [Read More...]

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Emails every real estate agent should be sending

Emails every real estate agent should be sending to their clients. Update: Please read the full article "Four emails every broker should be sending" on 1000watt's blog … [Read More...]

How to Make Facebook Covers for Realtors

How to Make Facebook Covers for Realtors. Our favorite tool to create a Facebook cover for Realtors or any business is Canva.com. See the how to below and if you have any … [Read More...]

IDX Broker OmniBar Search Widgets – IDX Broker

IDX Broker OmniBar: The IDX Broker WordPress plugin now includes two new OmniBar search widgets! [via IDX Broker] These new search widgets can be added via shortcodes … [Read More...]

IDX Broker Adds 21 New MLS Data Feeds to Expanding Coverage

IDX Broker is the best IDX for your Real Estate website and the one service that we recommend and use for all Realtor WordPress websites! Click here to join IDX Broker and … [Read More...]