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Find it, see it, get it first – New Realtor.com Commercials

Find it, see it, get it first – Tell a story

Have you seen these commercials from Realtor.com? They are fantastic, fun and they do a great job of telling a quick story. Check them out below. One thing to keep in mind as you watch.. Do you tell a story with you real estate marketing? Why should someone hire you? Why use your office etc? A quick story can be very powerful when it comes to selling  prospect with … [Read More...]

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Branded Email with Google Apps

Branded Email: Having a professional email is key to looking... well...  professional. We have all come across weird personal emails that are now … [Read More...]

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Real Estate Stats for 2014 (not boring)

Real Estate Stats are always fun but usually they are boring. (Really boring) This slideshare gives a colorful look at some great numbers and stats … [Read More...]

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How to Quench Your Social Media Thirst in 60 Minutes a Day

Monitoring your business’ social media presence can take up a lot of time. But if you take a disciplined approach, and keep an eye on the clock, you can get it down to a … [Read More...]


Leave a comment on this site

Have you ever left a comment on a real estate site or blog? Its a great way to respond or start having a conversation with folks. Most comment forms are easy and just require … [Read More...]

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Seth Godins blogging tip

"Blog every single day, once a day. Don't follow trends. Don't measure. Don't read the comments. Start now." - Seth Godin I love this tips! So many agents get hung up on the … [Read More...]