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How to Quench Your Social Media Thirst in 60 Minutes a Day

Monitoring your business’ social media presence can take up a lot of time. But if you take a disciplined approach, and keep an eye on the clock, you can get it down to a manageable hour a day — even if you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Rule #1: No B.S.! Spend your time curating high quality content that you’re confident your users will like and … [Read More...]

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Leave a comment on this site

Have you ever left a comment on a real estate site or blog? Its a great way to respond or start having a conversation with folks. Most comment forms … [Read More...]

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Seth Godins blogging tip

"Blog every single day, once a day. Don't follow trends. Don't measure. Don't read the comments. Start now." - Seth Godin I love this tips! So many … [Read More...]

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A Toast to 2013

A Toast to 2013

A final toast to 2013! It has been a fantastic year and we hope everyone reading this has a great night and an awesome … [Read More...]


7 Steps for an Optimized Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is in and 2014 will be the best time to kick off your new strategy for gaining new leads and prospects on your real estate website. 1. What are your … [Read More...]

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WordPress 3.8 is here – time to update

This seems like the fastest release yet for WordPress! WordPress 3.8 has a ton of new features but the one you will notice first is the dashboard updates as well as the new … [Read More...]

8 Ways to Jump Start You Real Estate Blog

8 Ways to Jump Start You Real Estate Blog

Have a real estate blog? Have you been using it for blogging? Now its no longer a phase and blogging has really caught on as, the way to capture an audience that you would … [Read More...]