Agent Avenue does provide free access to opportunity notifications through our Agent Starter program. There is a cost to apply to those opportunities, however, receiving a notification that opportunities exist in your chosen market and the ability for you to create your own personal agent resume program are free of charge.

No we are not. Agent Avenue operates more like a traditional job posting board. You as the agent are the candidates applying for opportunities that your potential future employer, the property buyer or seller are posting.

The cost to submit an application for an opportunity will depend on the plan you have with Agent Avenue. If you are currently under the free Agent Basic program, the cost to submit your application will be $30 USD per opportunity. If you are in a paid plan, the per application cost will be reduced or removed completely. See plan features and information for complete details.

Our goal at Agent Avenue is to provide consumers with choice and a bit of education to help them compare agent offerings side-by-side. We also want to provide fair and equitable access for agents to access opportunities. There is a cost to apply for opportunities because we spend a great deal of money marketing to consumers to get their interest in submitting their opportunity for your consideration. The agent application fee helps offset the acquisition cost of these opportunities.

Agents that are participating a paid program, either the Agent Essential or Agent Premier plans do have the ability to include a single introduction video on their resume profile.

No, you are not limited to the number of opportunities you can apply for in your lead market area.

As part of your account set up, you will be asked if you would prefer buyer leads, seller leads or both.

Good Question! The answer will depend on how thoroughly you complete your profile resume. If you are providing photos, a video and answering all of the questions that are asked as part of the resume building, the process should take between 10 – 20 minutes. If you need assistance, please contact our Support Team and we will help you.

At this time, the area that you will receive leads for will be capped to the lead radius detailed under your plan. So, if you are looking to increase your market area, you will need to upgrade your plan. We do have plans to allow agent users to increase their lead radius or add additional markets to receive notifications from however, this is not possible currently.

Why spend $300 per month on a park bench or bus stop advertisement when you will not be guaranteed leads? Through Agent Avenue, you only apply to work with real customers that are looking for help from a great agent. At $30 USD to apply for an opportunity under the free Agent Starter program, you can apply to 10 real opportunities to work with property buyers and sellers that is looking now. You won’t win them all, but the $300 that you would have spent on other advertising will get you much closer to real opportunities and more potential to come out the winner.

The Agent Avenue system will notify you via email with a congratulations email, letting you know that you have been selected by the buyer or seller to connect with them.

Agent Avenue will let you know via email if you are no longer eligible for an opportunity. We put the consumer in control of this process. If you receive an email letting you know that the opportunity to connect with the consumer has gone to another agent, it is either because the property buyer or seller has narrowed down their choices to other candidates or the opportunity has timed out and is no longer available.

Paid programs through Agent Avenue have a number of benefits. Paying agent users have the ability to add a video introduction to their resume profile, they have an increase lead radius for their market, and they benefit from a reduced application fee per opportunity.

Yes, you are able to change or edit your Lead Market Area as you deem necessary.

List of Major Urban Markets
Major Urban Markets – United States

Anchorage, AK Tampa, FL Winston–Salem, NC
Chandler, AZ Atlanta, GA Cincinnati, OH
Gilbert, AZ Honolulu, HI Cleveland, OH
Glendale, AZ Boise, ID Columbus, OH
Mesa, AZ Chicago, IL Toledo, OH
Phoenix, AZ Fort Wayne, IN Oklahoma City, OK
Scottsdale, AZ Indianapolis, IN Tulsa, OK
Tucson, AZ Wichita, KS Portland, OR
Anaheim, CA Lexington, KY Philadelphia, PA
Bakersfield, CA Louisville, KY Pittsburgh, PA
Chula Vista, CA New Orleans, LA Memphis, TN
Fremont, CA Baltimore, MD Nashville, TN
Fresno, CA Boston, MA Arlington, TX
Irvine, CA Detroit, MI Austin, TX
Long Beach, CA Minneapolis, MN Corpus Christi, TX
Los Angeles, CA Saint Paul, MN Dallas, TX
Oakland, CA Kansas City, MO El Paso, TX
Riverside, CA St. Louis, MO Fort Worth, TX
Sacramento, CA Lincoln, NE Garland, TX
San Diego, CA Omaha, NE Houston, TX
San Francisco, CA Henderson, NV Irving, TX
San Jose Las Vegas, NV Laredo, TX
Santa Ana, CA North Las Vegas, NV Lubbock, TX
Stockton, CA Reno, NV Plano, TX
Aurora, CO Jersey City, NJ San Antonio, TX
Colorado Springs, CO Newark, NJ Chesapeake, VA
Denver, CO Albuquerque, NM Norfolk, VA
Washington, DC Buffalo, NY Richmond, VA
Hialeah, FL New York City, NY Virginia Beach, VA
Jacksonville, FL Charlotte, NC Seattle, WA
Miami, FL Durham, NC Madison, WI
Orlando, FL Greensboro, NC Milwaukee, WI
St. Petersburg, FL Raleigh, NC

Major Urban Markets - Canada

Brampton, ON Markham, ON Saskatoon, SK
Burlington, ON Mississauga, ON Surrey, BC
Calgary, AB Montreal, ON Toronto, ON
Edmonton, AB Oakville, ON Vancouver, BC
Halifax, NS Ottawa, ON Vaughan, ON
Hamilton, ON Quebec City, QC Victoria, BC
Kitchener, ON Richmond, ON Winnipeg, MB
London, ON Richmond Hill, ON

Become a Market Expert and Rely on Your Local Knowledge to Win Clients.

  • Consumers are looking for real estate agents that can make their process of buying or selling property easy and smooth.

    We recommend that buyers and sellers hire an agent who has the strong local knowledge to ensure they are getting what they want out of the experience, especially in a competitive market. Property buyers will have a motivating factor for why they want to purchase in a specific area, and it’s up to you as the agent to help them check off all of their boxes.
  • Knowing Who the Potential Buyers Are

    Being an experienced real estate agent with a track record for purchases and sales in the area will help you stand out as a local pro. You’re going to want to take that a step further and do your research to identify your market's typical buyer or seller profile. What motivates them, and what is the best marketing channel to reach them? Magazine, lawn sign, online advertising or social media? What will spark the interest of this type of consumer and get them in the door to view the property?
  • Understanding the Prices of the Local Market

    There is a lot of information available online regarding property prices in specific local markets.

    As an agent, you are at an increased advantage because you can access MLS sales tracking data. Use this to your advantage every opportunity you have. It should be assumed that your clients will do a bit of their own research before they connect with you. A motivated client will get online and start hunting well before they decide actually to purchase or sell. This means that as an agent, you are going to experience the same sorts of clients that doctors do in the 21st century, those that come to your first meeting thinking that they know best because they have done a bit of Googling. This is an opportunity for you to shine.

    Rely on the MLS sales data and start throwing out the facts. Give examples of comparable sales in the area and point out the differences in the properties. If your client's property needs a bit of updating, there is no better time than when the property down the street, which sold for above-asking price, has an extra bathroom, new kitchen, or a superior level lot. Of course, if your client's property sparkles in comparison to those that have recently sold and you believe that it can achieve similar or more significant results, this is also the time to excite them with your proposed list price.
  • Know Your Schools, Local Amenities, and Facilities

    All parents want reassurance that their child will be going to a good school if they choose to purchase a home in an unfamiliar area. As an agent, you can save yourself many future hassles by learning as much as you can about the local schools in the markets you serve.

    For parents with young kids, knowing that the school in their area has a good reputation for quality teaching and not for mischievous youth and drugs will give them peace of mind. Find out if schools in your area have special programs like outdoor learning workshops, special education, or a gifted-learners program. Take it a step further and invite the Vice Principal or a well-known teacher out for lunch. Pick their brain and learn as much as you can about the school’s graduation rates, teachers that they would identify as top-notch, as well as extra-curricular programs and awards for sports, merit, community service, etc.

    The goal is to learn as much as you can about the school, the students, teachers, and programs so that you can pass this knowledge on to potential buyers or feature this information in your property listing to help sell your client’s home. It is not just parents that are going to want to know about the schools in the area. Every buyer wants to know that local schools have a good reputation. Buyers will often equate the quality of the school in the area to the socio-economic status of the neighborhood and the general “quality” of the neighborhood. Your clients are going to ask about schools, so it is better to come to the meeting prepared, giving them confidence that you have done your research and that you know the area well.

    Another hot ticket item that is often high on a buyer's checklist will be local amenities and facilities. If there is a great park in the area, a local swimming pool, or a nice river walk, make sure your clients know just how much these amenities impact the local community.

    People generally like to live in social communities or that have a safe and comfortable feel with neighbors they can rely on if needed. Community bonding often happens at some of these local facilities. A dog park is an excellent example of this. When we hear dog park, our ears perk up because it tells us that neighbors congregate, socialize, and know who is from the neighborhood and who is not. Dog owners are often on the move, taking Fido out for a stroll, and these neighbors of yours will notice if something does not seem right at a house. We look at dog parks like a free neighbourhood security system. This is just one example of many potential amenities that have a big impact on a community.

  • Final Thoughts

    Buyers and sellers are motivated by entirely different factors, but they often cross paths when it comes to time and money. Everyone likes a quick, simple transaction for the best price possible. If you're an agent, whether you've got ten years' experience or you are just starting, becoming a local market expert can help you carve your lane in the industry, and it will set you apart from your competitors.

    This will take work, research, and time on your part, but the payoff often leads to greater success as you help more clients achieve their real estate goals.
  • Agents, looking for new clients and opportunities?

    Agent Avenue is a free resource for consumers to post opportunities and compare the service offerings of agents that apply to work with them. Our mission is to help lower your advertising costs and provide you with greater access to opportunities in your market. Be notified of buyers and sellers in your area that are looking for assistance. For complete details visit www.agentavenue.com 

The Difference a Good Personality Makes

  • To succeed in the real estate industry, agents should portray certain personality traits. Even though not all real estate markets are the same, consumers (both buyers and sellers) look for similar characteristics when searching for that perfect match in an agent. These personality traits are your first step in the door, often giving clients an impression of you before you’ve said a word. Your reputation will precede you.

    The following list outline the key traits consumers look for in top real estate agents, as well as what these characteristics say about agents to their potential clients:
  • 1. Drive

    Clients look for real estate agents that are driven by a purpose, passion, or a cause that entails serving other people. Being driven or having a desire cannot be taught. Real estate agents that portray this intrinsic characteristic use honesty, competency, transparency, and integrity in their everyday work. Having a strong sense of drive tells your clients that you are motivated to get the job done.
  • 2. Curiosity

    The first thing clients need to hear from an agent are questions—not a pitch or a resumé. This shows that the agent is engaged and wants to learn from the client about their needs, concerns, and goals and help them get what they want. The act of listening can put your clients at ease and give them confidence that you are there for them, and not just for a paycheque. Asking a client about their needs, documenting them, and responding directly to their goals and concerns will help kick off the relationship. A client is more likely to listen to their agent’s advice as you work through the purchase or sales process if you have started the relationship off on the right foot.
  • 3. Transparency and Communication

    Being transparent in any real estate transaction is extremely important. A real estate agent with a license knows that it is their primary duty to maintain transparency and objectivity in any transaction with their client. At the end of the day, the agent represents the client. This ensures that information and expectations are communicated well and are understood by all parties.

    Real estate agents should communicate with their clients clearly while also maintaining strict confidentiality.
  • 4. Work Ethic

    This is the most critical factor that separates mediocre agents from outstanding agents. Having a strong work ethic means that a real estate agent is willing to go above and beyond, doing what it takes to get the deal done. Agents are regularly stuck in difficult positions with properties that may not be selling as quickly as anticipated. It is the agent’s job to find solutions for their clients. To put in the work and the creativity needed to get property buyers in the door to consider it. Successful agents go above and beyond, maintain a strong work ethic, and gets the job done.
  • 5. Experience

    Experienced agents will have been through the wringer more than once. With experience comes knowledge and wisdom that allows agents to foresee challenges before they become real problems. Experience is something you earn over time, and it will teach you key lessons in negotiation strategy, interpersonal skills, and gaining general composure. Experienced agents typically understand the industry's challenges and have a way of dealing with them so transactions can become that much more successful.
  • 6. Resourcefulness

    Since many real estate transactions require effective handling of complex and unknown situations, agents must be resourceful problem-solvers. This enables them to offer solutions to any problems that may arise and ensure that the clients are not settling for less than they deserve. For a real estate agent to be resourceful, they need to have innovative thinking habits and a drive to get the job done. When a problem arises, you are only one idea away from a solution, so get thinking.
  • Final Thoughts

    Having the above characteristics puts you, as a real estate agent, in a position to transact with clients efficiently and effectively. This will also improve your business relations with clients, making your business that much more successful in the long run.
  • Agents, looking for new clients and opportunities?

    Agent Avenue is a free resource for consumers to post opportunities and compare the service offerings of agents that apply to work with them. Our mission is to help lower your advertising costs and provide you with greater access to opportunities in your market. Be notified of buyers and sellers in your area that are looking for assistance. For complete details visit www.agentavenue.com  

Top 10 Things Property Sellers Look for When Considering an Agent

  • In our market today, so many people are getting their licenses to become real estate agents. The lure of the profession is strong.

    This can really impact a consumer’s experience if they happen to hire an agent who possesses little sales experience or isn’t familiar with their local market. New agents entering the profession also pose issues for experienced agents that set their rates based on their knowledge and the time and services they provide their clients. Experienced agents will know their worth and can justify their commission price based on their marketing strategy, experience, and past sales.

    A new agent has a few other motivating factors driving them. They want to sell some homes fast and build their portfolio so that they are no longer considered a “new agent.” This challenge will often lead to a race to the bottom when it comes to commission pricing. An experienced agent will often hold their line, knowing that a property buyer or seller that values experience will appreciate the added benefits that come with relying on an old pro.

    In this article, we explore the top 10 essentials that property owners look for when considering an agent to help them sell their property. These essential features include:
  • 1. Great Local Knowledge

    Property sellers look for real estate agents with excellent knowledge of the local area. Real estate agents who understand the market well can give potential buyers information about the available amenities and locals facilities such as schools, parks, hospitals, and recreational centers. This increases the property selling chances when the agent is knowledgeable and familiar with the local area.
  • 2. Strong Marketing Strategy

    A real estate agent should have a strong marketing strategy when launching a property for sale on the market. A winning strategy can include a variety of components, including attractively staging the property, getting professional photos taken, drone or video footage, promotion across domestic and international property portals, as well as social media posts to get the interest humming. Agents will often try anything and everything to get that property noticed. Their goal is to attract buyers through the door while demonstrating to their sellers that they are doing everything within their means to get their property sold.
  • 3. Strong Track Record of Sales in the Area

    A real estate agent who has sold several properties in the area will likely find potential buyers for a new listing faster. Your agent may have kept the contact details for other local agents that have recently brought their clients through your agent’s sold listings. Homeowners look for these real estate agents as it assures them that they are working with an agent familiar with the area and is knowledgeable about home prices and recent sales that may be comparable to the property they are selling.
  • 4. Social Media Presence

    Social media is a dominant avenue for marketing properties for sale. Real estate agents who are more active on social media can sell properties faster by merely getting the word out to their network that they have a great new listing. Agents will often rely on their advocates, friends, and family to help them boost the exposure of their active listings. This allows them to reach more people in a short period while showing your network of contacts that you are an active agent with local clients.
  • 5. Strong Negotiation Skills

    Every property buyer and seller want their agent to be a bulldog at the boardroom table. The buyer wants the lowest price, and the seller wants the highest price. Negotiating does matter, but it does not always come down to price. Often, the finer details about closing dates or adjustments to the final price based on the outcome of a home inspection will be the details your agent is negotiating.

    At the end of the day, the property is going to sell for what it is worth. Everyone wants to walk away from the deal knowing that they did well. This can be achieved by an agent with strong negotiating skills and strong local knowledge about the market. A good agent will know when to flex the negotiating not to overplay their hand.
  • 6. A Great Personality

    A great personality ensures that the property seller and the real estate agent can develop a great relationship. The goal is to build trust. An agent has a responsibility to make their clients feel comfortable while giving them confidence that the information they are receiving from the agent is factual and based on the local market's performance.
  • 7. Strong Network of Professional Contacts

    A real estate agent with a great network of contacts such as conveyance lawyers, mortgage lenders, and home inspectors will help ensure a smooth transition of the property from the seller to the buyer.
  • 8. Good Reputation

    Your reputation will precede you. As an agent in a competitive market, it is important that you build your network of positive referrals. A good reputation as a real estate agent is worth its weight in gold.
  • 9. Great Communication Skills

    Communication is essential when transacting a property sale. A real estate agent should be clear and prompt in his/her communication with the property seller to ensure that the process is efficient.
  • 10. Experience in Real Estate

    Experienced real estate agents understand the market's state and the challenges you will face as a seller or buyer in a hot or cold real estate market. Experienced agents will be problem solvers, meaning that they can deal with any problems that may arise and work on creative solutions to meet your needs in hot and cold market situations.

    Experienced agents will know their local area and the types of buyers that are common in the area. This expert knowledge will allow them to strategically focus their marketing efforts to attract the ideal buyers for a property.
  • Final Thoughts

    Selling a home is a big step for a property owner. They will need reassurance that their property has been valued correctly and that they are asking for a fair price that will spark interest from consumers. The relationship between property seller, buyer, and agent is one that relies heavily on trust. As an agent, it is important to self-reflect from time to time. Are you doing your best for your clients? If not, which of the character traits above have you fallen behind on? Self-improvement can go a long way to helping you reach your goals as an agent in a competitive market.
  • Agents, looking for new clients and opportunities?

    Agent Avenue is a free resource for consumers to post opportunities and compare the service offerings of agents that apply to work with them. Our mission is to help lower your advertising costs and provide you with greater access to opportunities in your market. Be notified of buyers and sellers in your area that are looking for assistance. For complete details visit www.agentavenue.com  

Build your Business through Branding 

  • Branding is an essential aspect of establishing your business.

    A brand not only gives your business a memorable image or slogan, but allows you to explain what your business offers to potential clients, and what differentiates it from your competition.

    Good branding will increase your business's exposure to a broader client base and allow you to reach the clients you want to work with, (rather than the ones you have to work with).

    This article will offer some tips on how to build your business through a strong brand image.
  • What Makes You Unique?

    Once you understand the goals you are trying to achieve, it is essential to know how you operate to achieve these goals.

    This means knowing what makes your business unique.

    What do you offer that is different from other agents in your area? Who are your potential clients, and why will they consider working with you over others? Start challenging yourself and challenging your business model.

    A bit of self-reflection will go a long way to clearing your path in the market. Tough questions will help you see your offering's essential qualities and allow you to focus on these specialties when building your brand.

    By focusing on your strengths, your brand will take on a coherent identity in consumers' eyes, making it easier for potential clients to understand your business before they even begin working with you.

    So, who are you? It’s quite a loaded question, isn’t it?

    In real estate, just saying that you are willing to help anyone and everyone who wants to buy or sell a property is going to get you nowhere.

    You need to carve out your path so that consumers recognize and see themselves in you. In real estate, you are selling a lifestyle, and if your clients don’t see traits of themselves in you, or relatable interests, you are not going to capture their attention.
  • Maximizing Brand Exposure

    Once you have developed a clear idea of your brand, it's time to spread the word.

    A brand is essentially the face or image of your business and what you stand for. The more people you can present this image to, the more clients and recognition you will receive. The best way to maximize brand exposure is to market yourself. This means:

    • Developing a Social Media Presence: In the information age, the internet is one of the most effective ways of presenting your business to the public. Starting an Instagram and a Twitter page and maintaining an active presence on these sites can increase brand exposure significantly. Use templates and make sure there is always a mention of your brand name, like “Kate the Cat-Lover Agent,” is clearly positioned for all to see. Have pride in your brand, it represents you.
    • Work on your Reviews: Keeping customers happy is good for business since it not only keeps current clients coming back for more assistance, but it helps attract new business from other potential buyers and sellers. Your reputation is everything in the real estate business and you want to protect and build on your positive reputation as often as you can. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews for your business on sites like Yelp and Google lets the world see how great your services are, and it encourages new clients to come to you when searching for real estate.
    • Get a Website Up and Running: While having a social media presence is great, it's also important to have your own website for clients to access. The best real estate websites are simple and easy to navigate, with a clear aesthetic and access to resources. Having a website is one of the best ways to show off your business's unique brand and give potential clients a quick overview of your work. If you work in a busy office, speak with your Broker, Marketing Team or Office Admin to see how your website can benefit from displaying listings belonging to other agents in your office. You need content and those listings need exposure.
  • Understanding Your Brand

    To develop a strong brand for your business, you first need to understand what makes your business unique.

    This is what differentiates your business from the competition, and more importantly, it allows you to understand and focus on your strengths as a business. To understand your business, an excellent question to ask is: What are your goals?

    Defining the things that you are hoping to achieve with your business will help you see things more clearly and present these goals clearly to clients. This clarity is the foundation of a good brand.
  • Agents, looking for new clients and opportunities?

    Agent Avenue is a free resource for consumers to post opportunities and compare the service offerings of agents that apply to work with them. Our mission is to help lower your advertising costs and provide you with greater access to opportunities in your market. Be notified of buyers and sellers in your area that are looking for assistance. For complete details visit www.agentavenue.com 

Build Your Trusted Network 

  • As a real estate agent, it's essential that you build up a strong network of professional relationships. When selling property, many things must be done outside of the agent's specialization and will be utterly foreign to many of your property sellers.

    Once you've carved out your niche market and established your brand, and your business begins to snowball, it will be necessary to rely on and delegate important work to other trusted professionals. Building a team of loyal professionals, whether it's trades like electricians, plumbers, and painters or lawyers and home inspectors, will better help you meet the needs of your clients in a timely fashion.

    Because your relationships with these professionals will be well established, you will know their work and will be able to vouch for them. The benefits of these relationships can go the other way, as well, with these professionals referring business to you in the future.

    This is a list of the primary professionals an agent will be working with throughout your career.
  • Administrative Assistant

    An assistant will help you stay organized and free you from time-consuming tasks like paperwork, allowing you to focus on the bigger revenue-generating items.

    With an assistant there to streamline your business and systems, you will be ready to easily integrate more team-members into your workflow, simplifying the process for everybody involved.
  • Conveyance / Real Estate Lawyer

    If most of your business is focused within a certain city, it would be wise to start building a referral relationship with a local lawyer or real estate legal firm that can help your clients close on their property transactions.

    You are looking for a thorough and detailed lawyer that is well established, one that asks tough questions about transactions and will do all of the necessary due diligence regarding property title searches and ownership to ensure that the sale closes without any hiccups.
  • Trades – Electrician, Plumber, Painter, etc.

    Most homes that are being listed will require some repair, minor or extensive. Having a list of trusted trades in the area you can rely on to help with these repairs and updates will help cement your relationship with your seller client.

    Your client wants confidence that the job will be done right and at a fair price. You can help ensure this through established relationships with professional trades in your area.
  • Home Staging Service

    Personal taste is, um, personal. Not everyone is going to appreciate your client’s taxidermy collection or vintage finds.

    When helping your clients sell their home, it is important to remember that this is business, and your comments and recommendations are not personal attacks on their level of taste. At the end of the day, your goal is to help them sell their house for the highest price. To achieve this, you need to be working with a great product. If that product (the house) can be greatly improved through home staging, you should provide this as an option and you should be ready to recommend a quality home stager that can get the job done.
  • Property / Home Inspector

    While it is the buyer's responsibility to hire a property inspector, it helps to have a fair and reliable inspector(s) to offer the buyer in order to expedite the buying process. You can even have the property inspected yourself, at the seller's behest, provided the buyer accepts this inspection.
  • Other Specialists

    There are many other professionals you may want to consider having in your network. Social media marketers, showing assistants, and team members you could rely on to help host your open houses. It is a good idea to consult with your broker or team leaders to make a list of key people you will need to help keep your transactions on course.
  • Conclusion

    Building a strong network of professionals is essential to building and expanding your real estate business, as well as keeping your sales processes running smoothly. Trusting your network will guarantee your business stability and help you achieve your and your client’s goals.
  • Agents, looking for new clients and opportunities?

    Agent Avenue is a free resource for consumers to post opportunities and compare the service offerings of agents that apply to work with them. Our mission is to help lower your advertising costs and provide you with greater access to opportunities in your market. Be notified of buyers and sellers in your area that are looking for assistance. For complete details visit www.agentavenue.com 

Don't Take Offense, It's Just Business 

  • Selling a house is often an enormous undertaking. And while you may feel you are ready to sell your home as it is, in its lived-in state, your real estate agent will inevitably suggest things that you should consider repairing or upgrading before your property hits the market.

    This isn't the agent being difficult or nitpicking. Instead, it is an essential part of selling a home. No matter the current state of the housing market, a home that has recent updates and feels fresh and clean will move often than not, attracting more attention, which will hopefully lead to more offers for your property. Upgraded homes generally sell for more money. Here is a list of some of the best and most common upgrades that will help increase your home's value and appeal.
  • Painting

    One of the easiest ways to give your property a newer feel is to crack open a can of paint. Prospective buyers Appreciate a freshly painted home, one that allows them to visualize what their furniture will look like in the space.

    A fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate dated colors and materials. With painting, it's recommended that you do a color consultation to find the colors that are best suited for your home. Certain homes will look great with a fresh coat of white paint on the walls, but if you own a character home, historical home or one that has a warmer exterior colour, you may want to stick with the theme inside the house to maintain the warmer feeling.

    When it comes to painting rooms in your home before selling, avoid drama, don’t paint the walls purple just because you like the colour purple. Remember, you’re leaving anyway. Paint the home knowing that photos will be taken of the space and posted online. You want those photos to attract as many would-be buyers as possible to help maximize your final sale price.
  • Floors

    Replacing wood or tile flooring can be a much more involved and costly job, so it is vital to consult the relevant professionals to determine if the ultimate payoff is worth doing the job before selling.

    For areas in your home that are carpeted but are showing their age with staining and wear, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to give the carpets a thorough steam cleaning.

    If the outcome is a clean carpet, and you can avoid spending thousands on ripping everything out and replacing them, the couple hundred dollars to hire a cleaning service or rent a carpet steam cleaner will be a good investment. Replacing cracked tiles and damaged wood floorboards can be a harder job to tackle. If you don’t have replacement tiles or extra pieces of wood in the same colour to replace your damaged pieces, it may require you to renovate full rooms at a time.

    This will be a decision that you make with your agent. The goal is to maximize your return. If your home is in real need of some more extensive updates, potential buyers that are considering purchasing are likely to do a large renovation anyway, so the minor repairs you are going to make may not be worth your while.
  • Lighting

    Upgrading lighting fixtures in your home can be one of the best ways to increase its value. Living somewhere for a long time, you may not notice that the home is actually quite dark inside.

    Replacing worn lighting fixtures, light bulbs, and lighting systems can give a new brightness and freshness to your home's interior, making it much more attractive to potential buyers. With advancements in LED technology for lightbulbs, switching to newer bulbs will also help cut back on electrical usage.
  • Driveway

    The driveway leading to your house is important in giving an excellent first impression to potential buyers. With a freshly paved drive, tight brickwork, and a tidy lawn, your home will have great curb appeal and attract more buyers. Heavily damaged driveways that are well past their useful life should be repaired or replaced.

    A potential buyer pulls up to your house and parks on cracked concrete. What impression does that give them on what's to come on the interior of your property?

    Remember, you’ve got a product to sell, and you want to capture the most attention possible to generate multiple offers.
  • Patching and Repairs

    Most homes in the U.S. and Canada use drywall as interior finishing. It’s likely your drywall has suffered some damages over time. This can include larger holes, scratches, dents, and holes from mounting paintings and posters.

    It's crucial to repair these damages with some plaster putty before repainting. You may also want to repair small blemishes, such as broken wall outlets, shaky doorknobs, and locks, to ensure everything in the house is stable and presentable for potential buyers.
  • Conclusion

    There are many upgrades you could consider investing in to help increase the value of your home for a sale. Some larger projects include new roofing, redoing bathrooms, replacing countertops, new sinks and cupboards, even redesigning your floorplan for better flow and use.

    When making upgrades, it is always important not to get carried away. Consult with your agent to get clear advice on what upgrades you can make to have the most significant impact on your sale outcome. Remember, you are in control of your sale, and you should only upgrade things that will have a direct and cost-efficient effect on your home's value.
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Finding Stride with a Solid Team 

  • Being a real estate agent can be gratifying work, but it can be quite daunting as well. In fact, about 87% of agents starting in the industry actually fail within their first five years.

    Joining a Team is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an agent, generate leads, and gain practical skills quickly in this highly competitive field.

    There are many benefits to working in a team, and here are just a few:
  • Generating Leads

    One of the most difficult things to do when you’re first starting out as an agent is generating new buyer and seller leads. Working alone, it can take months to generate just a few leads, and even longer to establish yourself with a recurring business.

    Newly minted agents will often rely on friends and family to give them a chance to sell their property or refer them to others who may be buying or selling.

    By joining a team, you will be gaining access to the same clients and leads that well-established agents pitch to, and you will not have to deal with the months of instability and uncertainty which most new agents face.

    Finding new business can be difficult, and one of the best ways is to offer to host an open house for one of your more established teammates. Most veteran agents are happy to delegate the responsibility to a newer agent. Every potential buyer that walks through the door of your open house may be a potential client for you.

    Many property buyers begin looking for a new home before they have started working with an agent. Getting access to these prospects is a benefit that comes with being a member of a team. Your goal is to establish yourself quickly and to start building a track record of sales successes.
  • Teamwork

    When joining a team, you have the unique opportunity to work with a group of experienced agents. This means you can share past sales experiences, marketing strategies and gain first-hand insider information, tips, and tricks you wouldn't have had access to otherwise. This leads to the next benefit.
  • Practical Skills

    When working in a team, you will be given both the ability to observe experienced agents in action and immediate access to working with clients yourself. In a team, you can gain the practical skills necessary to be an established agent: time-management, marketing, pitching, and negotiation.

    You will gain additional benefits from working with others: skills like leadership, planning, and trade coordination. Working alone, many of these skills would take years to hone. There is nothing better than a baptism by fire, and a team brings you directly into the action.
  • Specialization

    When working in a team, you will also recognize your own strengths and carve out your own position in the market. What makes you different and what type of clients or properties are you most interested in selling? Are you an agent that wants to specialize in luxury properties? Maybe you like working with older couples that are looking to downsize.

    Working in a team will give you access to a cross-section of consumer and property types, allowing you to start charting your path and carving you the area of the industry that you want to focus your efforts.

    With the aid of a transaction coordinator, you can delegate work outside of your specialization to other skilled team members. This helps to build a diverse and well-rounded team to tackle any work efficiently and it will often lead to a shared commission or lead referral scenario where you still make money off of the deal because you found the client.
  • Conclusion

    Teamwork makes the dream work—and once you‘ve found a strong team leader and team that is a good match for your skills and personality, you really have an opportunity to thrive and learn a great deal about the real estate industry in a short period of time.

    Overall, working in a team as a new agent is one of the best ways to establish yourself in the market and take your business to the next level.
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    Agent Avenue is a free resource for consumers to post opportunities and compare the service offerings of agents that apply to work with them. Our mission is to help lower your advertising costs and provide you with greater access to opportunities in your market. Be notified of buyers and sellers in your area that are looking for assistance. For complete details visit www.agentavenue.com