Where to find free images for your real estate blog or website

find free images real estateSo.. you have just written this fantastic article about your real estate market, some house, a new listing, your interests and more on your real estate blog or website but you realize you haven’t taken any pictures for it yet. So, naturally we all seem to turn to Google to find free images, so you goto google.com and search for a picture then you find one.

You say to yourself …this picture would be perfect for my website, blog post, marketing flyer, email, etc and you save it to your computer and your done. No harm in that, right?

Wrong! Super Wrong! Do not pass go, do not collect $200!

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers, nor are we claiming to know anything on this subject or any subject. Please consult your legal professional before trying anything listed on the internet.

The majority of real estate blogs are for commercial purposes; meaning you will, at some point, receive a monetary benefit from the website itself. With this being said you need to start using images that are allowed to be used on a commercial website. But how do you find these images? What if you don’t want to buy one on a stock photo site? If not google then where? We have been asked this or have seen this practice happen on so many blogs. So today we have created a simple how to video on places and ways to find free images, so you can have a visual to support your great blog content!

Find free images video tutorial

In the video below we will show you how to find free images on Google and on Flickr that you can use on your real estate blog.

Image Resources

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  1. nice article and video tutorial

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