How to add a Google Map or even street-view to your listing in WordPress

How to add a google map or even street-view to your listing in WordPress can add both interactivity and a great look to capture the buyers or prospects attention. It also provides directions and an aerial view of the surrounding neighborhoods.

In this tutorial we will cover how to add these into your agentpress website or to your WordPress website as well.

How to add a Google Map or street view


Tutorial Steps

  1. Make sure you are logged into WordPress
  2. Goto the post in question
  3. If in AgentPress scroll down to property details
  4. If your not using agentpress this still works
  5. In another tab goto Google Maps
  6. Enter the address in the top
  7. Click the link box to get the embed code link
  8. Copy the code with “control C” or “command C”
  9. Paste the code into the “enter map embed code” box
  10. or in regular WordPress enter it into the HTML area
  11. Click the “Send to Code Editor” button
  12. It will place a shortcode that loks like this [property_map] into the page*

*Note: wherever this code shows up the map will show up after you publish it.

That wasn’t too bad at all! Some Real Estate agents also take this a step further and they add in the street view and a google map to the listing to add even more detail. As a user its great to “walk” the neighborhood and to see the shrubs, trees and even views in some cases.

To do this simply repeat the above steps and add the code into the “Enter Video Embed Code Here” area. Even though it says video for the area it still work with the maps. You can also add 2 maps to 1 box if you happen to have a video in the other box. After you place the code into the box, simply click the “Send to text editor” button and it will place a “[property_video]” shortcode. Where ever the shortcode is placed is where the second map will show up.

google map code placement

Let us know in the comments, if you would like to see more WordPress Real Estate Related videos and tutorials.


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