How to record a real estate webinar

Real Estate Webinars are a fantastic way to learn about something new, to see product updates or view how other real estate agents are getting ahead on the web. But they don’t always happen at the most ideal times.
Typically they are right in the middle of the day when everything else seems to be happening. This is when you will want to record a webinar and then you can view it later when you have time to learn.

How to record a Real Estate webinar!

Something to keep in mind before we dive in is that most companies that put on webinars will record it and make it available one way or another. Typically we see a signup for the webinar and they provide a link after the webinar has been recorded or they send it out via their company newsletter.
If this is not the case there is still hope… Each section below is for eithe rMac or PC. Each one works about the same 

Record a webinar on your MAC Computer

screenflowI love mac! I converted 2.5 years ago and I will never go back. Screenflow is our choice video program for recording webinars. Camtasia is also available for Mac but we fell in love with screenflows extra features.

To use both you draw a box around the video and hit record. Make sure that you are recording your systems audio and not the microphone.

Record a webinar on your Windows Computer

camtasiaCamStudio is our top choice because its free! If your looking for more tools and to possibliy edit your videos in the future then Camtasia is worth a look. they offer a free trial as well so you can get used to using it before you have to dive in head first and purchase it.

You record it

Have you ever recorded a webinar before? Let us know in the comments.


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