IDX Broker Quick Tips

IDX Broker Quick Tips for getting started with your WordPress Real Estate site!

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Mastering Widgets to Enhance Niche Sites

In this video we go over creating widgets to display on niche sites.¬†Join sales expert Jeff as he showcases IDX Broker’s most powerful widgets, Learn tips for setting them up and adding them to your real estate site. Gain a better understanding of how to customize your site to cater to your niche market.

Verify Your IDX Broker Subdomain

In this video we go over verifying your subdomain with Google. To get the most benefit from your IDX subdomain, you need to verify it with search engines. We will walk through Google verification in this subdomain verification video.

Getting Started in Less Than 5 Minutes

Welcome to the IDX Broker getting started video. This tutorial should help you maximize your return on investment and your valuable time.

Quick Search Widget

In this video we go over creating a quick search widget. IDX Broker’s Responsive-ready Quick Search Widget provides you with a small, basic search form that you can display anywhere on your website.

Manage Your Listings

In this video we go over managing your listings in IDX Broker. IDX Broker automatically updates your listings with the latest data from the MLS. There may be times when price changes, property descriptions, photo updates, etcetera cannot wait until the next MLS data update. We understand this and have provided you with a set of listing management tools for your Featured Listings.

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