WordPress 3.8 is here – time to update

colorsThis seems like the fastest release yet for WordPress! WordPress 3.8 has a ton of new features but the one you will notice first is the dashboard updates as well as the new color schemes that you can choose to make your blogging experience more delightful. Before you update you can check out the new features below! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

WordPress 3.8 Highlights

  • Introduces a new, modern admin design
  • A fresh, uncluttered design Clean typography with Open Sans
  • Superior contrast and large, comfortable type
  • Responsive interfaces throughout
  • Refined, theme management
  • Smoother, click-to-add widget management


Introducing a modern new design


WordPress on every device

We all access the internet in different ways. Smartphone, tablet, notebook, desktop — no matter what you use, WordPress will adapt and you’ll feel right at home.

High definition at high speed

WordPress is sharper than ever with new vector-based icons that scale to your screen. By ditching pixels, pages load significantly faster, too.





What’s New in WordPress 3.8

General Replace

  • PNG-based plugins ratings stars with Dashicons for performance gains
  • Improved help tab text in various screens
  • Clicking “Check Again” on the Updates screen now provides more immediate feedback


  • Consolidate several Dashboard widgets to improve readability
  • Replace the ‘Right Now’ widget with the new and improved ‘At a Glance’ widget


  • Introduce 8 new admin color schemes
  • Improved readability throughout using Open Sans typeface (where supported)
  • Responsive Toolbar for smaller-screen devices
  • Leverage Dashicons instead of icon sprites for crisper experience on all resolutions
  • Big RTL improvements throughout
  • Make the dashboard more usable on any size device with responsive all the things
  • Improve the login screen experience for Internet Explorer 8 users
  • Improve Quick Edit experience for non-English users
  • Improve the Menus experience for mobile users


  • New Default Theme — Twenty Fourteen
  • Make it possible to check for any post format assigned to a post with has_post_format()
  • Better custom background theme support defaults, can now specify ‘default-repeat’, ‘default-position-x’, and ‘default-attachment’ arguments for background images.
  • Tags for width changed to layout: responsive-layout, fluid-layout, and fixed-layout
  • New tag: accessibility-ready to denote a theme is aware of accessibility best practices such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, and form/link focus.


  • New click-to-add interface for adding widgets to sidebars
  • Improved interface for devices of all resolutions
  • Better drag-and-drop experience


  • Make list table row actions keyboard accessible
  • Improve color contrast throughout the admin


  • Improved performance when deleting users in Multisite

More info on the WordPress blog here

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Looks great so far what do you guys think?

  2. I like it but I am still getting used to the changes in the look and feel.

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